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Asbury Park
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Asbury Park Boardwalk

The following was originally written in 2001.  In 2007, the boardwalk began to comeback to life with more and more shops and the developers taking major corrective actions. Today - the boardwalk is alive, the downtown is alive and Asbury Park is once again a destination.
See who is on the Asbury Park Boardwalk today.

March 2001: What ever happened to all those shopkeepers that lined this boardwalk?  Did they all retire and live happily ever after? 

Did you know that there was a salesman  who would work in the City all day take a train home at night, eat, then first make his sales calls to merchants on the boardwalk? This was at 11 pm.

All those pretty girls that worked at Kohr's and Criterion and the rest of the shops....where are you today?

The Coca-Cola rep that used to come by and actually test the soda....thought we weren't telling the truth? see the email we received,

Tami's Pizza, Ollie's (now the Mayfair), Ducky's, The Casino and Convention Hall Coffee Shops, The Flame Pit, Nick's Arcade 5th Ave, Lee's Arcade in Convention Hall, Martell's Second Ave Arcade, The First Ave Arcade, Bait and Tackle Shop, The Olympic Bob, The Skyride, 4th Ave Arcade, The original Home Shopping Network- Auction on 5th Ave, Malson's Gift Shop, Jamison's Gift Shop, Delmar's Gift Shop, The Dart Guy in Convention Hall,  Barbara Jeans, Kohr's Frozen Custard, The Waffle House, Froggie's, The little snack bars in Convention hall with best french fries... (need a name please - I recall the woman running it...) The Peanut Shops in Convention Hall and the Casino, Bumper Cars, Paddle Boats, Wheels to win cigarettes and Records, Jonathon and Berkeley Candy shops, Howard Johnson's and Beach Boys, Madam Marie and her family, Tilt-a-whirl, the bubble machine on the 3rd ave rides, the train ride, mixing cups, and of course the little boats on Wesley lake.....the 7th Ave Pool - further back - the Monte Carlo Pool or that the Empress and Berkeley Carteret were a dream to stay at? The Jefferson Hotel, the Albion, walking through the Albion Bar when it became a "lesbian" bar, and let's not forget Mrs. Jays Beer Garden.... the Palace Carousel and the Casino Carousel, The Ferris Wheel at the Palace.....ceramic shows, boat what went wrong. The Clubs - The Circuit, Park Place and "the I Drank them All" T-shirts, Xanadu, The Stone Pony, Sunshine Inn, The Wonder Bar...

Miniature Golf. Asbury Park used to have 4 miniature golf courses. Boardwalk and 2nd Ave, 4th Ave and the Boardwalk, 4th Ave between Ocean Avenue and Kingsley Street, and 7th Avenue on the Boardwalk.  See these Miniature Golf in Asbury Park Post Cards and photos.  Today, there is a NEW mini-golf on the Asbury Park Boardwalk - Asbury Eighteen. Take a look.

Help us write the WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO segment ....

Send us your stories, questions, photos and whatever else you may have that you would like to see permanently on the Asbury Boardwalk web - Send us more info on when these shops originally opened, closed the owners etc...

> Send us an email with your story.

> See some recent emails - Memories of Asbury Park.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

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